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Apple has become a giant tech company in this field, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are progressing in the field with each passing day. There are new news circulating around the world regarding changing in the App Store or launching the foldable iPhones in the near future. It’s safe to say that Apple always something going on that shocks the entire world. With this being said, there is news revolving around one of the most popular utility apps.

At this point, we are talking about the Amphetamine app and how Apple has been threatening the developers to remove their widely-used utility app from the Apple App Store, as well as from the Mac Store. As per the developers, Apple has threatened them to remove the app over its name because they violated guideline 1.4.3. This is related to the consumption of vape products, tobacco, excessive alcohol amounts, and illegal drugs.

If you don’t know, Amphetamine is the free app available on the App Store which is designed to ensure that your Mac doesn’t sleep. The app was first launched back in 2014, and it had been working on the App Store ever since it was launched. However, this week Apple has contacted the creator of the app, William Gustafson, with a statement of accusation regarding the app and how it has violated the guidelines apprehended by the App Store.

According to Apple, the apps is appearing to promote the inappropriate utilization of controlled substances. In particular, the app’s name and the icon are referring to the controlled substances, also known as pills. In addition, Apple has said that if the creator doesn’t change the name of their app and branding, the app will be removed from the Mac Store on 12th January 2021. As a result, the creator filed the appeal with which Apple contacted him for discussion.

According to the creator of this app, he received the phone call from Apple, and the representative said that Apple recognized how the pill icon and the term amphetamine are being used in the medical sense and metaphorically. However, as a result of their meeting, Apple managed to backtrack on its overall stance, and the app will be in the Mac Store. At this point, it’s important to acknowledge that App Store guidelines are always inconsistent,

This is because other than Amphetamine, there are various other apps that are referring to illegal as well as legal references. The meeting was held with the creator and developer of the app, and he clarified that there is nothing on the app that promotes drug use in any case. This issue basically started on 29th December how the cartoonish yellow pill was of no harm. He also said that this term doesn’t always refer to illegal drugs.

Similarly, David Heinemeier Hansson stated that this move by Apple was capricious enforcement when he got to know how Apple is trying to remove the app from the Mac App Store.

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