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Apple might be best at optimizing the security standards in their iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads, but unfortunately, they couldn’t protect their own devices on the motorway. With this being said, today, the vehicle was jammed up with the Apple products, and everything from the vehicle was stolen. The incident took place anything between 7:45 PM to 8:00 PM.

According to the insights, this robbery stole fort-eight pallets of products. These were all Apple products and were suspected to cost around £6.6 million. So, all these products were stolen from the lorry on the M1 which is one of the most functional motorways. This is surely reminding us of the Money Heist and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the Motorway Heist.

After the incident was reported, the police have established a manhunt for people who were involved in the robbery and stole a huge amount of Apple products. As per the reports published by police, the vehicle was actually stopped at the motorway and the driver was tied. However, the driver was tied up at the southbound slip road of Junction 18.

Keep in mind that Junction 18 is at the Northamptonshire. However, the incident happened on 10th November 2020 as per the information passed on by the Northants Police. Besides, the lorry was not stolen and abducted on the main motorway, but it was rather driven to the Eldon Close in the Crick. It is suspected that the robbers actually transferred the trailer to the truck.

The Crick area is actually the industrial area and the truck was already waiting there for the shifting. The trailer was loaded with Apple products and they traveled off with the trailer. As far as the people in the truck are concerned, there was a security guard and driver, and both of them were found tied up during the robbery. However, they were the main targets and were stranded once the vehicle traveled off.

However, this truck was later found in Lutterworth, Warwickshire. Police were suspecting that they would find the stolen Apple products but the detectives are thinking that this spot was decided by the robbers for transferring the products to the third trailer or vehicle. As far as the progression is concerned, the police are still looking for the witnesses.

Also, the police have been calling out to people and witnesses to come forward and share as little information as they can provide. Even more, the police have asked people to share if they are being offered the Apple product at an unusual price because the robbers will eventually sell the products. As far as the contents of the robbery are concerned, there was an extensive number of Apple Watches.

Besides, there were multiple charging devices and iPads. According to the Northants Police, they are still continuing the investigation. However, the police have been implementing raids on different stores since the mobile stores are undergoing the Christmas rush. In case you have some information to share about the rover, you can call 101 and share the reference number 20000595599.

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