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If we look at this world, two things have become absolute realities and necessities. To begin with, having a commute and having access to a mobile phone and smartphone is essential. With this being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Metro is the ultimate choice when it comes down to the commute and ticket apps are revolutionizing the field.

Consequently, the ticket app is designed to revolutionize the Tyne and Wear Metro and has been released already for the users. However, the operators have said that the ticket app is not available for iPhone users. For this purpose, the passengers that have Android smartphones can use these virtual cards in the app for tapping in and logging out of the stations.

As for now, one can easily buy the tickets on a weekly basis rather than a monthly or annual basis. The prime reason that iPhone users won’t have access to the ticket app is that Apple is not “alright” with the data access. This is because the ticket app has questionable data access or firms, which is why the ticket app cannot be connected to Apple Pay.

According to Nexus, they are talking to Apple but Apple hasn’t released the statement. On the other hand, Android devices, such as tablets and smartphones are using Google Pay to pay for the weekly ticket. On the other hand, the other tickets, such as pay-as-you-go tickets will be released next year by the ticket app, according to the statement released by the local democracy reporting service.

The ticket app has consumed around two years for development. The ticket app is suitable in these uncertain and pandemic times since users can avoid the queues. In addition, people won’t have to buy plastic pop cards or paper tickets. As far as the development is concerned, Nexus has teamed up with various businesses for app development and tech-infusion.

In this list of partnered businesses, Nebula Labs is pretty significant and is the Newcastle-based tech company. According to the spokesperson of Nexus, they are in discussion with Apple for allowing and permitting the apps for Apple smartphones. Accordingly, they are hopeful that Apple will allow and the app will be rolled out for iPhone users next year.

Nexus says that they are welcoming the chances of working with Apple in terms of harnessing the Metro mobile smart ticketing app. With this being said, the app will be available from the App Store which will make this app available for iOS and Android users all the same. As far as the app is concerned, the passengers cannot use the credit card or debit card for payment purposes.

Nexus was asked about this lack of features and they intend to upgrade the gating and ticketing system if they manage to bag four-million euros as government funding. According to the customer services director at Nexus, they are promising convenient user experience because passengers can simply travel and access Metro by touching the smartphone. The bottom line is that the app will fasten up the journeys while optimizing ease of use and convenience.

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