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Apple never makes mistakes and that’s the prime reason that they have come up with a diverse range of products, such as MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, subscriptions, and much more. They have managed to come up with everything a modern consumer needs. Okay, so enough with the foundation-building and coming to the point.

Apple recently launched the iPhone 12 models and MacBook and the consumers were left wondering what about the AirPods? Well, AirPods have become pretty popular, especially because Apple doesn’t add the headphones jacks anymore. With this being said, Apple is literally forced to come up with a new range of products and cutting-edge features.

Okay, everyone who has been wondering about the new AirPods, Apple might have slipped out something with the latest iOS 14.3 version; however, the iOS update is in the beta version. First things first, we really don’t know if Apple really made a mistake or if it’s a way of causing an uproar in the consumer market.

Given the new iOS version, Apple has added the new icon that’s for the purpose of releasing the internal system files. Upon opening the system file, it showcases the illustration of the over-ear design of the new AirPods. To be honest, this design illustration will likely bring everyone to attention. Earlier this year, the minimal design was suspected as well.

The earlier design illustration was lined out by Jon Prosser but the new icon really shows that the AirPods design will be extremely conservative. According to Jon Prosser, he is pretty surprised at this new discovery while outlining the fact that Apple has used various placeholders in the recent past. However, the placeholder time has now passed.

We will tell you why! That’s to say because these new AirPods are meant to make a debut in the first quarter of 2021 and whatever design has been illustrated, it might be the finalized design. However, things are still stuck at almost or maybe factors because Mark Gurman has pretty much rocked the potential features and design world.

That’s to say because he said that the new AirPods Studio will likely have the oval ear cups with a much retro look. also, he mentioned that there will be a headband and swivel that connects everything through the metal arms (the thin ones) and the new illustration has locked in his sayings. According to Gurman, this is a description job and he is nailing it.

With this being said, AirPods Studio is a big step that Apple is going to take and it might come with two versatile variations. For instance, one variant will be focused on fitness while the other one would be focused on the premium factor given the leather design. The AirPods Studio will be integrated with wireless pairing, without compromising on the modular design and promises noise-cancellation.

The AirPods Studio will have magnetic ear pads that promise a customized user experience without compromising on the replacement. As for now, these AirPods will start from $350 that will be the most expensive variant to start with.

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