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Music is the best thing that could ever happen to someone and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every iPhone has a special music app. With this being said, Apple tends to invest in music a great deal. That’s to say because Apple has a special Apple Music Awards that’s an annual ritual, just like the other awards. Well, amidst this pandemic, Apple conducted its annual awards 2020 selection.

Believe it or not, these recent Apple Music Awards had an immense impact and they have honored the achievements in the music niche while catering to five different categories. Apple selects the winner by taking into account the editorial perspective and the customer’s love for a certain song, singer, and album.

The Apple Music Awards 2020 happened recently and it had the following categories, the global artist of the year, breakthrough artist of the year, songwriter of the year, a top album of the year, and the top song of the year. The first three categories conducted the winner through the editorials while the last two were selected accrediting to the streaming data and Apple subscribers.

The celebration of the Apple Music Awards will be conducted on 14th December, along with the fan events, special performances, interviews, and will be streamed around the world. Also, these Music Awards are coming in with a bonus for Apple Music enthusiasts because Apple is providing a three-month trial for people who haven’t subscribed already.

Sure, the Apple Music Awards are happening next month but they have already selected the winners for the five categories, and we have the information about them!

Artist Of The Year

When it comes down to people who are a fan of Hip-Hop music, Lil Baby is the prime name in the market and has harnessed the combination of tracks and extensive streams. This the prime reason that My Turn song is topping the charts. Also, The Bigger Picture was released to provide an authentic voice to the youth and has moved his reputation up to the charts.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

This lady has the two singles and debut album under her belt and she is seamlessly owning 2020 with her songs/ Also, she had collaborated with Beyonce and Cardi B with Savage and WAP, respectively that earned her more than three-hundred play count. Consequently, she is pretty proud of being on the winner list!

Songwriter of the Year

Well, who can be a better songwriter than Taylor Swift when it comes down to the songwriting? Well, Apple recognizes her too, especially after folklore because she wrote and recorded it in the isolation. With this being said, the song seamlessly set the record of the most-streamed pop album.

Top Song of the Year

Sure, Apple Music Awards has selected the best songwriter, singer, and breakthrough but what about the top song of the year? Wait for a second because according to Apple, The Box by Roddy Ricch wins the bait. That’s to say because the song hit 460 million streams on Apple Music alone.

Top Album of the Year

Well, amidst the pandemic, everyone tried to entertain each other and Roddy Ricch was no different. That’s to say because his album, “please excuse me for being antisocial” won the best album of the year award in the Apple Music Awards. This is because the album was run by more than 1.5 billion streams around the globe.

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