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With each passing day, Apple has something more to share with the consumers and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the majority of these updates are designed on a win-win basis. When it comes down to the developers, Apple has a strong and close relationship with them. If you’ve been using Apple products for a long time, you would know that apps on the App Store are limited.

This is mainly because Apple is extremely strict with the apps that they approve to make a debut on the App Store. Around a few days ago, Apple launched a new program for the developers, with which they reduced the commission, empowering the small businesses to thrive. Well, it seems like Apple is having a good month with the developers (or maybe not).

That’s to say because now Apple demands the developers to curate more details about the apps regarding privacy. In addition to new apps, the previous apps that have been launched on the App Store also need to be revised with the privacy features. Before 8th December, the developers need to optimize the privacy labels for the apps.

As per the new blog post on the developers portal, Apple requires the new privacy labels for the apps on the App Store. In addition, the privacy labels are required for updates that will be sent to App Store starting from 8th December. With this being said, after this date, Apple (and App Store, of course) will not accept the apps that aren’t complying with the privacy labels and information.

When it comes down to the privacy labels, they have been announced along with the iOS 14 update. Consequently, the consumers will have ready access to the information about the third-party apps that are linked to a certain app. In addition, it will ping the customers if the location, contacts, or photos are being accessed.

While on the App Store, the users will be able to access and check the privacy information for the apps before they decide to download the app. With this being said, the App Store will empower the consumers to understand the privacy practices and labels before they hit the download button. In addition, the information will be available on the product page.

On the product page, the users can access what type of data type will be collected through the app, and if the data will be used for linkage and tracking purposes. The information about the privacy labels can be added to the app through the App Store Connect. On the App Store Connect platform, the developers can fill and send the privacy labels for the apps.

Consequently, it needs to be lined out that Apple will not remove the app from the App Store. However, the app developers won’t be able to release the app updates if they don’t update the privacy labels before or by 8th December. Also, the apps can be still be downloaded but there won’t be any updates.

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