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Is Apple really the innovator of the industry? We don’t think so. That’s to say because ever since Apple shared the news about Galaxy Fold, Apple copied the concept and started working on the folding iPhone. With this being said, Apple has been filing multiple patents for the folding iPhone but these patents don’t determine the ultimate outcome of the device.

According to the Economic Daily, Apple has been receiving samples of folding iPhones from their Chinese suppliers. These suppliers include the New Nikko as well as Foxconn. Over the course of time, Apple has been focusing hard on the display which is why Apple is unable to determine if they should use the MicroLED or OLED display for the folding iPhone.

One needs to keep in mind that MicroLED is the new display technology in the market that’s designed to offer a fine combination of saturation, brightness, without compromising the power-efficiency. So, when it comes down to folding iPhones, the display they intend to use will shift the entire paradigm of Apple and how they want to develop the iPhone.

As for now, Apple is under the testing phase because they need to extensively test the folding screens of these iPhones. That’s highly crucial because Apple needs to optimize the quality of hinges and screens. The extensive insights have revealed the fact that Samsung is providing these displays. As for the hinges, it will be the responsibility of New Nikko.

As far as the assembly of the folding iPhone is concerned, it will be done through Foxconn. According to the industry speculations, Foxconn has remained a great part of iPhone’s foundry and there is no surprise in the fact that Apple will use their assembly plant for optimizing the final folding iPhone. Apple is optimizing multiple inspections for their folding iPhones.

That’s to say because the hinges will be tested at more than one lac actuations. Also, the manufacturing of hinges will be the responsibility of New Nikkon as they have been responsible for manufacturing the MacBook hinges. Previously, the MacBook hinges were tested at 50K times at max but Apple intends to inspect the folding iPhone hinges for more than one lac times.

There are chances that folding iPhone will utilize the bearings as suggested by Nippon. One needs to adhere to the fact that Apple is still testing the folding iPhone because the launch is expected to happen in 2022 (yes, in September as per the tradition). However, there is no sturdy report if Apple will actually release this in 2022 because it had to be launched by this year.

As far as the folding technique is concerned, Apple has patented multiple techniques, ranging from the clam-shell technology to the patent that describes the screen folding in two forms. The latter patent suggests that the iPhone’s size will be reduced. Also, there is a patent that shows two different displays; so, only the launch will tell what Apple has been planning on!

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