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Apple has become one of the most famous names in the market, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple is the biggest tech giant for a reason. With this being said, Apple has been launching the top-notch iPhones for a long time, and they have managed to optimize the highest standards of excellence and performance through their iPhones. Similarly, not so long ago, Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup, inclusive of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

As per the news, these two models from iPhone 12 lineup have experienced strong sales during the month of October, ever since the launch. That’s to say because they have become first as well as the second best-selling 5G phones available around the world. The sales are tallied from Counterpoint Research. According to this research, these two iPhone 12 models have gained around 24% of the 5G sales, solely in the month of October.

As per Varun Mishra, who is the analyst at Counterpoint, there is a huge demand for a 5G upgrade when it concerns the iOS base, which is being transformed into sales. He has also noted that there are multiple promotions from the carriers, which reduced the price down to $799. As a result, the sales were accounted for around 1/3rd of the iPhone 12 sales during the month. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 5G was launched during the same timeline.

This phone was launched at #1300 price tag, and it became the third best-selling phone with 5G connectivity. However, the list of best phones also included Oppo and Huawei as these are one of the most-used phones in terms of Android phones, but they aren’t currently used in the United States in masses. On the other hand, Apple has declined to pass any statement regarding the matter since they don’t report the unit sales of iPhones.

As per the data and numbers shared by Counterpoint, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that iPhone 12 lineup has been perceived and received pretty well by the customers, even if there was an extensive delay. In addition, Patrick Holland from CNET has said that iPhone 12 has received the highest ratings in the device reviews, depicting that he is in awe of the MagSafe magnetized-accessories, high-end cameras, and 5G connectivity.

When it comes down to iPhone 12 lineup, Apple launched four iPhones in the lineup. To begin with, iPhone 12 came out at $799, iPhone 12 Pro came out at $99, while iPhone 12 Pro Max was launched at $1099 while the smaller version, iPhone 12 Mini, was launched with the price tag of $699. Also, right after one month of the iPhone 12 lineup launch, they were tended to sales. Still, some of the deliveries have been stretched to January, and the update has been shared officially on the Apple website.

Even more, Apple is highly likely to report the first-quarter sales report in January. With this new report, they are highly likely to share the revenue data from holidays. Even more, it will share additional details and stats about iPhone 12 through the report.

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