The Feud Between Apple & Epic Games Regarding Fortnite Removal From The App Store

2 weeks ago

Apple is one of the giant tech companies in the world and there is no wonder that they have been… Read More

Amphetamine Disputes On Apple & Mac App Store

Apple has become a giant tech company in this field, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are… Read More

2 weeks ago

Apple Takes Down 46,000 Apps from The App Store

2020 was named to be the bumpy year, and people went into depression. Some people even stopped working altogether, but… Read More

3 weeks ago

Apple Wins The Title Of Best-Selling 5G Smartphone

Apple has become one of the most famous names in the market, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that… Read More

4 weeks ago

The Development of Pin Features In The Messages App

With every dawn and every dusk, Apple releases some new information, update, or product even. With this being said, this… Read More

1 month ago

Apple Isn’t Allowing The Ticket App For iPhone Users

If we look at this world, two things have become absolute realities and necessities. To begin with, having a commute… Read More

2 months ago

Apple Now Requires In-Depth Privacy Labels For The Apps

With each passing day, Apple has something more to share with the consumers and it wouldn’t be wrong to say… Read More

2 months ago

Apple is Testing Their Folding iPhone, Finally!

Is Apple really the innovator of the industry? We don’t think so. That’s to say because ever since Apple shared… Read More

2 months ago

Apple Music Awards Are Here In Full Glory

Music is the best thing that could ever happen to someone and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every… Read More

2 months ago

Apple is Wrecked – £6.6 Million Worth Products Stolen

Apple might be best at optimizing the security standards in their iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads, but unfortunately, they couldn’t protect… Read More

2 months ago

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