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With every dawn and every dusk, Apple releases some new information, update, or product even. With this being said, this time they have created something exceptional for the users who love to communicate. That’s to say because they have added an update for the Messages app. With the advent of recent iOS, the users were liberated to pin the chat in the default Messages app.

If you’ve been using iPhones for a long time, you would know that the Messages app is not so easy to use, since there are promotion alerts, reminder messages, group chats, and much more to handle. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the app has been bland with the blue dots for the unread messages. This is one of the prime reasons that iPhone users aren’t big fans of the default app.

However, with the new development and updates in iOS 14, a new messaging feature was released that introduced the message pins. Consequently, people have the current features, humanized interface, huge icons, which actually helped improve the overall interface. Hence, people will actually be able to respond to the texts on time.

The users can click the edit option available at the top left corner of the app and tap on the edit pins options. With this being said, the yellow pin will appear on the right side of the chat. The best is that the users can choose around nine chats and conversations for pins. This display will appear in a huge size at the top of the mobile phone screen.

With this new feature, the users can view the messages in the notification bubble as soon as they appear. Also, it will showcase the typing icon on the Memojis or photos. These interpretations are shown in front of the conversation and message when the sender is writing the message. In addition, the notification will point to the specific member from the group chat, pretty clean!

This change in the style has made the app more humanized. Previously, the users were able to assign the specific pictures to the contact but the latest feature display has resulted in larger icons. Even more, this update will empower the iPhone users to spruce up the app, while adding the picture to the contact, creating a more interactive connection.

On the other hand, there are chances that Apple has other motives associated. Some users have been saying that Apple was inspired by WeChat. This is one of the most readily available apps in China for texting, payment, and taxi-hailing purposes. So, with the ability to engage the users in the Apple ecosystem, Apple will clearly gain a competitive edge.

The bottom line is that Apple has progressed greatly over the course of time and they have done everything to met the cutting-edge and advanced needs of the users (with the cost, of course). So, this ability to pin around nine chats at a time has clearly eased the life of the users.

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