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The troubles that the user faces with one model is tried to be solved with the next one. Apple continues with the trial and error method until they have perfected the new model of their iPhone. The company is all ears when it comes to the grievances of their customers. The problems that the customers face are acknowledged by the company and they try to give a better experience to them by bringing about the necessary changes in the device. This leads to the inclusion of some truly spectacular features that no other company can offer.

Let us take look at the features that Apple iPhone8 plus has to offer so that you can look at them and decide whether you want to own the device.

A quick overview of the basic features

Display of the screen13.97 cm or 5.5”
The battery of the phone2675 mAh
Performance of the phoneHexa Core
The storage Capacity64 GB
RAM Used3 GB
The Camera of the Phone12 MP
Review by users3.5/5


Some general information about the Apple iPhone8 plus

Operating System usediOS version 11
Model NameiPhone8 plus
Brand NameApple
Option to Charging QuicklyYes
Number of slots for SIMSingle SIM
Size of the SIMNano
Fingerprint Sensor PresentYes
Networks that can be Used2G, 3G, 4G


Know about the design of the phone

The height of the Phone158.4 mm
The thickness of the Phone7.5 mm
The weight of the Phone202 grams
The width of the Phone78.1 mm
The case of the phoneAluminum
The back of the PhoneMineral Glass
Dust ProofYes
Colors AvailableSpace Grey, Red, Gold, Silver
Water ProofedYes
Water resistanceIP67


The multimedia of the phone

FM Radio PresentNo
Loudspeaker presentYes
Audio Jack TypeLightning


The storage capacity of the phone

Internal Memory Used64 GB
Available Storage for UserUp till 53 GB
Memory can be Expandableno


The special features of the phone

Fingerprint Sensor UsedYes
The position of the fingerprint sensorFront
Light sensorYes
Barometer presenceYes
Proximity sensor usedYes
Gyroscope UsedYes
Applications presentiTunes Store, Find my Friends, Facetime, Podcast, iBook’s, Find my Phone


The camera feature of the phone

Resolution of the Front Camera7 MP
Stabilization of optical imageYes
Image Resolution in Pixel2592 x 4608
Retina FlashYes
Sensor UsedBSI
Physical Aperture isF2.2
Autofocus optionPresent
Auto flashYes
Touch to focusYes
Recording image and HD video simultaneouslyYes
Face detectionYes
Camera Feature10 times digital zoom,

2 times Optical Zoom

Features of video recordingStabilization of the optical images
Recording of the video1080×1920 at the rate of 30 fps
Shooting ModeHDR
Continuous Shooting ModeYes
Burst ModeYes
SettingsISO Control, Exposure Compensation


The performance of the phone made better by

The chipset used by AppleA11 Bionic
Coprocessor usedM11
The processor usedHexa Core
The architecture of the phone64 bit
RAM used3 GB


The display of iPhone8 plus is made better by

Screen5.5” or 13.97 in cm
3D touchYes
Protection of screen availableYes
Calculation of body to the screen is67.25%
Type of DisplayIPS LCD
Resolution of the screenFull HD
Resolution in pixel1080×1920
The density of the pixel401 ppi


The network connectivity of the phone

Bluetooth availableYes
Wi-Fi AvailableYes
Mobile Hotspot FeatureYes
Volte UsedYes
Nfc supportYes
Network supported4G, 2G, 3G
Connectivity through USBUSB 2.0
Size of the SIMNano
EDGE AvailableYes
GPRS AvailableYes


The quality of the battery used by the phone

The capacity of the battery2675 mAh
Replaceable by the UserNo
Option to charge quicklyYes
Fast charging option50% of the charge completed within 30 mins
Talktime of21 hours
Wireless charging optionYes
Type of battery usedLi-ion


The Apple iPhone9 comes after the iPhone8 plus and tries to rectify the problems that plagued iPhone8 plus by improving its features.

An overall view of the features of Apple iPhone9

Display of the screenBetween 5.2” and 6.1”
Camera used12 MP
RAM Used4 GB
Storage capacityBetween 64 GB and 256 GB
Processor usedOcta-core
The battery used2050 mAh


 Some general feature of the phone

Brand nameApple
Model NameiPhone9
Quick to chargeYes
Fingerprint Sensor PresentYes
Operating System UsediOS 11
SIM Slots usedSingular SIM
GSM UsedYes
Size of the SIMNano
Network available2G,3G,4G


The design used for the iPhone9

Waterproof feature availableYes


The multimedia feature of the phone

Loudspeaker AvailableYes
FM Radio AvailableNo


Special features used by the phone

Fingerprint sensorAvailable
Light sensorAvailable
Proximity sensorPresent


Features that enhances the performances of the phone

RAM Used4 GB
Processor UsedOcta-core


Storage feature of the phone

Expandable memory usedNo


The battery of the phone

Type of battery usedLi-ion
Replaceable by the usersNo
The capacity of the Battery2050 mAh
Fast chargingYes


The display feature of the phone

3D touchscreenYes
Type of DisplayOLED
Protection on the screen AvailableYes
The resolution of the screen in pixel1334×750
The density of the Pixel294 ppi


The camera feature of the phone

Features of the cameraAuto flash, digital zoom, face detection
Retina flashYes
Resolution of front camera7 MP
Autofocus availableYes
Shooting modes of the cameraHRD mode, continuous, burst mode


The network connectivity of the phone

Wi-Fi AvailableYes
Bluetooth AvailableYes
GPS AvailableYes
Size of the SIMNano
Features of the Wi-FiMobile Hotspot


The Services Available for the iPhone8 plus Screen Repair

Although a lot of features has been added to iPhone8 plus, there is, however, a lot of trouble that you might have to deal with this phone. The feature of 3D touch has been creating a bit of trouble to its users. The feature allows you to

  • 3D touch the screen
  • Press the screen hard to create shortcuts
  • Open up other features

If you are unable to do any of the things, you can take your phone to the Adelaide shops and use the iPhone8 plus screen repair to sort out the trouble that has been bugging your phone. It will be better if you let an expert deal with the problem, rather than dealing with it on your own.


Apple iPhone8 Plus Screen Repair and Apple iPhoneApple iPhone8 Plus Screen Repair and Apple iPhone

The Services of iPhone 9Screen Repair and also the iPhone8 plus screen repair

You might find that your iPhone9 is becoming hard to navigate. This may be because the phone is

  • Unresponsive to touch
  • The buttons on the device are not registering your command
  • You are locked out of your phone

To dissolve all these problems you need to see the experts at the Adelaide repair shops and use their iPhone 9Screen Repair services. Any problem regarding the screen of the iPhone9 will get solved by the experts at these shops just like they do with iPhone8 plus screen repair.

The Problem of the Frozen Screen and Solving it with iPhone8 Plus Screen Repair

A common problem found across all the iPhone devices is that of the frozen screen. The problem has not abated the iPhone8 plus. As its user, you might suddenly find

  • Unresponsive screen
  • A frozen lock screen
  • A frozen home screen
  • Barring certain gestures every other feature is frozen

Trying to solve it on your own will consume a lot of your time, which is unnecessary because you can avail the iPhone8 plus screen repair service and be done with the problems of the frozen screen. After the experts solve your problem you will be able to use all the features f your phone without being harassed.

Servicing of iPhone8 plus glass replacement Adelaide as part of iPhone8 plus screen repair services

The most unavoidable problem of the iPhone series is the breaking of the protective glass covering the LCD of the phone. It can happen because of a lot of things, such as,

  • Dropping the phone
  • Something being dropped on the phone
  • The sleek model of the phone could not resist the pressure applied to it

The cracking of the glass is a lot more serious than it sounds. It might cause trouble to the LCD of the device so it is advisable that you get the iPhone8 plus glass replacement Adelaide service from the shops. The service will be as efficient as their iPhone8 plus screen repair services.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair and full Phone Features

Battery woes and iPhone8 plus screen repair

A problem that Apple not finding a cure for; is the problem with its battery. The entire usage of the phone hinges on how much charge there is left on the battery. If the battery starts to lose its charge rapidly, you will have to get concerned about it. But that is not all the troubles that you might have to face with the battery of the phone. Because of this problem, you might not be able to

  • Play games on the device
  • Watch videos on the device
  • Make long calls from the device
  • Surf the internet on the mobile

The only way to solve this problem is either by repairing the battery or by replacing it. The technicians of the Adelaide store will determine what has to be done once they look at the problem. The cost of the service is as low as the iPhone8 plus screen repair service.

The iPhone 9Glass Replacement Adelaide service with iPhone8 screen repair

The glass covering the screen of the iPhone9 is susceptible to damage if

  • The device gets dropped to the floor
  • Pressure applied to the slender body of the device
  • Something weighty drops on the device

These situations can force the glass screen to crack and leave the LCD vulnerable to damage. The only way to save it is by replacing the glass with the iPhone 9Glass Replacement Adelaide service. The service is as efficiently done as the iPhone8 plus screen repair one. The experts will judge the severity of the damage before letting you know what needs to be done.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair and full Phone Features

The sound problem encountered by iPhone and the iPhone8 plus screen repair service

The sound of the phone needs to be in perfect condition for you to use it. If that is not the case, then you will face the problem every time you try to call or listen to music. The problems that you might have to encounter with the phone are

  • The sound will get lower
  • The sound will get higher
  • The sound of the speaker will crack during calls
  • The sound distorting during calls
  • The occurrence of a static sound

You cannot keep adjusting to these problems and will need an expert to solve it for you. You can use the service of the shops in Adelaide as they will solve all the sound troubles as they do with iPhone8 plus screen repair service. The sound problems will definitely go away, once the engineers of the shop fix the problems.

The Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems and the iPhone8 plus screen repair service

It is very hard to imagine life without access to the internet. The internet contains a trove of information that you can go through to increase your knowledge. Since the advent of Wi-Fi, a lot fewer people are relying on their own mobile data and more on the connectivity of the Wi-Fi. You will use the Wi-Fi for

  • Downloading a movie
  • Downloading songs
  • Downloading free e-books
  • Downloading a new application
  • Updating the old application
  • Updating the old version of the software

All these will come to a screeching halt if you do not get connected to the available Wi-Fi network. To continue to use the Wi-Fi, you will have to get your device checked by a professional and resolve the problem. The service center of Adelaide will help you to put an end to the problems just like they do with the iPhone8 plus screen repair service.

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