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Technology has developed to reach to the point it is now. The smartphone was as a modification of mobile phones that only had the ability to make calls. Nowadays smartphones have a lot of abilities. In fact, they can now perform all the actions that can be done by computers. The advantage of smartphones is the size. Among the first smartphones released is the Samsung Galaxy mini 2. This smartphone has led the Samsung brand in terms of setting the pace for quality. Samsung smartphones are mostly known for the best of performance. This is mainly attributed to the operating system as well as the body design.

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

Among the abilities is an upgradable operating system. This is, in fact, an exclusive ability that most smartphones do not have. This smartphone has a nice 3.27inch. The advantage of small screens is actually in terms of durability. It is easier to maintain this smartphone since it is small in size. It can also easily fit in even small pocket size. The Android in place is 2.3.6(Gingerbread). This is also upgradable. Although this smartphone still functions perfectly repairs are one challenging thing. Actually, the oldest version of electronics becomes very hard to fix. This is especially because the parts also are no longer being manufactured. However, the mobile repair shop is the most recommended in this type of repairs. This is mainly because of the policy as well as procedures we have in place.

Values we apply in repairs;

  1. Original parts – No matter the version of smartphone you are using us at all times want our spare parts to be original. This is most of the times hard for many repair shops. It becomes more challenging when dealing with smartphones that are no longer in production. However, we have a trusted supplier who knows the right place to get the original parts. This it is quite important. Most smartphones develop issues especially when the spare parts used are fake. Even in terms of body charges fake parts do not align appropriately in the smartphone. We have considered this factor and promise to only offer original parts.
  2. Professional and experienced staff – Old version of smartphones have a completely different design from the new version. This does not only involve the body but also the motherboard. There is a great difference in all the parts. The repairs of this version may, therefore, become a challenge. Actually, most repair persons usually try to fix the smartphone however they end up damaging the parts. Normally we have persons who have undergone the right repairs training. We verify this using the documents they submit. Apart from that experience is key. This is especially in the old version of a smartphone. We have the advantage of an experienced repair person who has knowledge of each and every part.
  3. Latest technology – To ensure the smartphone is repaired in accordance with set standards is the technology. The technology helps us in identifying possible repairs. We also carry out an in-depth research. This ensures we repair smartphones in accordance to the standards. This technology also helps us in facilitating affordable services.
  4. Customized services – We at all times want our clients to experience 100% satisfaction. This is not an easy task at all. To do this we use the latest technology. This technology helps us in the identification of even small damages. By this way, we then carry out a scan on the part and decide on the condition. We will then only charge you on the specific repair. This is in cases where the part is repairable. By this means you will only pay for a simple repair.
  5. Warranty policy – A warranty is among the best policy upon buying a new device. Especially for electronics smartphones are something people want to have a warranty on. This is because electronics easily develop challenges from time to time. Nowadays people even prefer having to buy new smartphones instead of repairs. In many homes, there are so many electronics that have been thrown away. Smartphones are among most thrown away electronics. Smartphones especially are because of fake repair services. Nowadays repair shops do bad repairs that cause smartphones to result in malfunction later on. In this case, you will be required to pay more for a second-time repair. We have thought about this the reason we have a warranty policy. We have also thought of screens that may easily develop malfunction. In place is a warranty that covers all repairs due at one repair shop. This should, however, be in a period of 6 months from the time of repair.
  6. Fast service – Time is very important for all people. This is especially if repairs deal with smartphones. Smartphone has become an important part of people life. This is especially for the ability to have much functionality. This including the ability to even hold documents and carry out editing. Having fast service delivery especially in repair shops is not an easy task at all. Actually, most repair shops have long queues of repair persons. To solve this problem of many customers we have in place 2 policy;
  1. Walk-in service – This is an exclusive service that ensures you enjoy 100% satisfaction. Immediately you arrive at the shop you will get repair staff to help. To facilitate this you need to communicate with our customer representative. You will be required to provide a smartphone model details. Also, provide an explanation of the problems you are facing and the cause. By doing this our repair staff will have in place all the relevant parts at hand.
  2. Pick up and drop off service – We have also put in place a service to facilitate our online services. Normally this is what has taken the trend. Nowadays all services can be done from the comfort of your home. This, however, has not taken place in the repair shop. This is due to complications involved in repairs. However, we have found the best way to do this. Now you can place an order for repair by just calling one of customer staff.

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

You will then be requested to provide all details regarding the smartphones. This included the smartphone version and the specific problem you are experiencing. From these details, our repair person will be able to put in place all the relevant parts. A staff will be sent to your chosen location to pick up your smartphone. After this, we will be able to make relevant repairs at our repair shop. When your smartphone has all the repairs perfectly done you will be notified this is done in order for you to confirm the drop-off point.

Services we provide for Samsung galaxy mini

  1. Samsung galaxy mini screen Repair – Among the most common repairs we normally do screens. This is because of how easily they get damaged. The most screen repairs we handle are breakage and cracks related. This also means most of the people are not cautious in handling their smartphones. This also has to go with the design of the current smartphone. Most new smartphones have a full-screen glass on the front side. This screen extends even to the position of the selfie camera. This factor makes it quite easy for a screen to get broken especially under hard blows. Screens are not an easy task as they may seem. You need to be sure the screen you intend to use is also of good quality. Apart from quality, it is the same model as the smartphone. There is also much importance in ensuring the screen is aligned properly in order to be able to function appropriately. Samsung galaxy mini Glass Replacement Cost is quite a major issue. However to ensure we offer low Samsung galaxy mini Glass Replacement Cost is customized services.

We have developed a system by the screen repair kit handles. We came about this decision after closing noticing of mistakes done when we do this manually. The repair kit has, in turn, brought about so much convenience to Samsung galaxy mini screen Repair.

  1. Motherboard repairs – The most important part in any electronics even the smartphone is the motherboard. It facilitates the functions every part is able to perform. We know how delicate this part is. We have set in place only experienced staff to handle. Apart from that, we at all times ensure a proper scan is done on it. One of the parts that are most affected is normally the IC. The IC plays an important role in the functioning of all other parts. We normally do IC replacement in case there are damaged. Among the ways of knowing their status is testing by use of a special kit. IC can normally get damaged by an electric fault or water. In terms of water, this is normally by weakening the connection. However, by electric shock this causes the IC to get damaged. IC is many and can get damaged at any time. This we can always handle at ease. We also run thorough tests on each IC to ensure they working and are in good condition.
  2. Camera replacement – Camera has a lot to do with the lens. The most important parts of the camera are the lens. The lens is responsible for facilitating even the capturing of images. They will actually influence greatly whether the pictures are clear or blurry. Camera lens requires to be kept away from dusty areas. This is among the reason they always have an upper case. However, the case the lens over time normally loses their ability to generate quality pictures. This may be for a number of reasons. The most common one is having blur images. This may be because of dust and dirt. In such cases what we normally do is offer you a lens cleaning service. This not the normal kind of cleaning. Actually, we greatly advise people to refrain from home cleaning methods.

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

We normally use a special cloth and a liquid. This cloth is smooth and will not scratch the lens. Most people use clothes that end up scratching the surface. The other possibility is having the outer cover of the camera with scratches. In these types of cases, the lens is normally in perfect condition. However in order to ensure they are we always check. Normally we just replace the cover which should be very cheap. The most challenging we deal with is handling lens replacement. This is especially when inserting a new lens. The lens needs to handle cautiously. This is to avoid breakage and scratches. Normally we use special tools in this. Apart from handling the pixels and are quite important. The pixels determine how clear the images will be. Normally we carry out a test on the lens pixels range and ensure we get the specific range. This is also including the brand.

  1. Water-related issue – Water is a common repair we have to handle. However, water does not affect small size smartphones as much. However, at times it depends on the depths the smartphones have water in. Normally we do drying of the smartphone. This is actually the first process the smartphone undergoes. We normally do this using special drying kit. This is the latest technology in place. By using this we ensure each and every part is dry. This is even including the battery. We will go an extra mile and unseal the smartphone in order to ensure the smartphone is completely dry. After doing this then next thing is to check on the condition of parts. We normally carry out a full scan on all parts. This scan helps us in identifying any damage that may have occurred.

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

After we are sure there is no damage we will later seal your smartphone well and present you with a warranty policy.

  1. Charging port repairs – Among the ports we normally have to deal with their repairs is the charging. This is because of how frequently it normally is in use. The normal repair procedure is first checking on the connection around the port. After we are fully satisfied by the result we will then have a port replacement. However, sometimes it’s just a matter of connections.

We at all times want to ensure you enjoy the best of repair service and leave our shop being 100% satisfied.

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