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Select your Oppo Phone for Repair

Oppo is a brand of smartphone that is currently hitting the market with high performing phones alongside style and quality. Oppo phones amassed trust after a series of tests, clear shots of fabulous pictures serving as an example.

However, the usage of these phones over a long period attract some hitches that either come naturally or accidents. You buy an Oppo cell phone and wake up one morning only to realize that the charging port isn’t working. If you aren’t careful, you may spend the day offline and you won’t communicate at all.

Because we know the importance of you being on air all the time, we won’t allow some little hiccups on phone derail your daily communication activities. That’s why we come in to replace your broken glass boards, LCD or insensitive screens.

Suppose your speakers and the microphone aren’t working optimally, our technical team will handle it professionally. They will make a thorough diagnosis to determine whether a replacement or a repair of these parts is necessary.

Shattering the camera’s or the camera lens will call for a replacement and this our technicians do with utmost expertise and they’ll never fail in repairing a dark screen that appears after flashing the phone.

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