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Oppo R9s Plus Repair

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Screen & LCD Display Replacement

Repair Time: 1 Hour

Screen Replacement (Working LCD & Touch)

Battery Replacement

Repair Time: 1 Hour

Power Button Replacement

Volume / Mute Button Repair

Repair Time: 1 Day

Loud Speaker Repair

Repair Time: 1 Day

Microphone Repair

Repair Time: 1 Hour

Camera Replacement

Repair Time: 3 Hour

Inspection for Insurance Claim

Repair Time: 2 Hour

Water Damage Repair Assessment

Back Camera Replacement

Repair Time: 3 Hour

Charging Port Repair

Repair Time: 4 Hour

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In our workshop, we are offering different kinds of repair services for the Oppo R9s Plus Repairing Services in Adelaide smartphones. We replace shattered LCD screens, corroded glass boards as well as the whole body covering of the phone to give it a uniform new look. We have a stock of high-quality spare batteries this type of phone. We replace with the idea of maintaining charge relevance and consistency such that your phone lasts for as long as you'll be out on your hustle. We supplement this with the replacement of the charging port or an alternative internal repair of the charging system if the phone isn't charging. This solves the heating issues that result from a faulty Water damages are no exception either. In a professional approach, our trained and experienced technicians will repair water damages by replacing what's necessary and fixing the broken. We also solve hanging issues and cases where the phone won't boot as part of the software repairs.
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