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OnePlus 2 Mini Mobile Repair

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Battery and charging port replacement your OnePlus 2 mini running out of charge unreasonably and inconsistently? Its high time you replace your battery with a new one.

Troubled when plugging in your charger into the charging port or chairing? Something is wrong with the port.

However, we’d love to spell an end to such inconveniences by replacing the duo for you, not unless you want to stick you the problems.

Rear and Front Camera Repairs They will serve you fine until a point where they’ll no longer take clear shots, and it is at this point that we come in with replacement of the dilapidated cameras, Screen Replacement Shattered your screen or it became unresponsive and insensitive? Its time for its replacement so that you can continue using your phone without trouble. We do the professional replacement with a substitute that serves longer.

Motherboard Replacement You will need to replace your motherboard when your phone isn’t powering off well because it could be the mother of the problem.

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