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Screen Replacement
(Working LCD & Touch)
Repair Time: 1 Hour

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Screen & LCD Display Replacement
Repair Time: 1 Hour

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Repair Time: 1 Hour

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Power Button
Repair Time: 1 Day

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Volume / Mute
Button Repair
Repair Time: 1 Day

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Loud Speaker
Repair Time: 1 Day

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Repair Time: 1 Hour

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Repair Time: 3 Hour

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Inspection for
Insurance Claim
Repair Time: 2 Hour

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Water Damage
Repair Assessment
Repair Time: 3 Days

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Back Camera
Repair Time: 3 Hour

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Port Repair
Repair Time: 4 Hour

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iPad 1 Screen Repair &  Glass Replacement  Adelaide

Do you love devices? If you do tablets is a name you have come across. Most specifically do you love moving around with your

device? Tablets are among the most popular gadgets. This is not only in terms of work but also for streaming. Tablets are also a

favorite for many game lovers.  This is because of the screen size and portability. Another advantage is the ability to save battery

power for long. This is a way to stay connected even in areas with no power supply. If you have high browsing experience you

definitely own the iPad air 1. It is not only good for browsing but offers the best view. This is mainly because of its nice huge

screen. If you love nice visibility this is one device to enjoy.

The iPad Air 1 has a huge enough screen. This means you can enjoy

gaming and video calls with ease. Apart from just having a huge screen the colors on the screen are just amazing. The iPad air 1

offers the best resolution. That screen for replacement in Adelaide is available at the mobile repair shop. Among its best features

is the ability to multitask. This is among the reason the iPad air is a favorite to many. Having this ability means heavy usage. The

iPad air 1 faces a lot of problems due to the screen. This will, however, be depending on your repair service provider. In Adelaide

getting a repair service provider for iPad air1 screen is not an easy task. Most of the repair shop uses fake parts. This is mainly

because it is not easy to get original parts. This is not an issue with the mobile repair shop. We have the best suppliers who provide

us with only original iPad parts. This is normally not an easy task for many repair shops. To ensure you only get quality parts and

services we have set the following features to ensure your IPad air 1 screen replacement and repair is done to perfection.

1. Original spare parts

It is always a hard task getting original parts. At times even if you get the original parts they are very expensive. This is mostly when

dealing with mobile handsets and tablets. Most specifically is the iPad. IPad is regarded as very luxurious tablets. This is because

of the amazing services they offer. The manufacturer which is Apple is also regarded as the best producer. The iPad Air 1 is made

using original parts. The parts are quite pricey. This, however, is not an excuse to use fake parts. At the mobile repair shop, we do

not compromise with standards. We have in place our own suppliers who provide our shop with genuine parts. Apart from that our

professional staff verifies the authenticity of the parts. Original parts are very good as they last longer and give the device best

performance. At the mobile repair shop always be assured of original parts. This is the best screen repair store in Adelaide.

2. Professional and experienced staff

Having the original parts is not enough. One needs a person with knowledge enough about fixing the iPad air 1. This is mainly

because the iPad air 1 has special parts. Wrong fixing of parts may result in malfunction and even damage to the device. We also

want to ensure our clients get 100% satisfaction always. We always want to be the number 1 repair partner for you. This is among

the reason why we employ professional staff. They have undergone training on repairs and have certificates as proof. Apart from

that we always check on experience. We want to avoid more damages on your iPad air 1. For this reason, we always check on years

or repairing devices. We have also gone a step further to group the staff according to best experience in devices. This means your

iPad air 1 will only be handled by an iPad expert.

3. Latest repair technology

Different iPad comes with different designs. This is in terms of systems, screens, body, and even processor. This reason itself means

you must be knowledgeable of what to expect. You can not afford to assume similarity. The iPad Air 1 is different in every aspect.

Mostly the screen type is different. IPad air 1  screen replacement in Adelaide may be quite a challenge. However, with our latest

technology, this is not an issue. We will be able to detect and also check on the accuracy of every part. We also ensure the iPad air

screen is handled very carefully. Our technology also ensures the device meets the standards required.

4. Warranty policy

This policy is exclusive and only available at our shop. The warranty policy is available for iPad air 1. This means after getting you

iPad fixed with us you can return it in case a problem arises. This will however not be charged. Any problem that arises after fixing

we can help do another fix. Feel free to contact us at any time any issue arises. The warranty duration is normally for 6 months. In

case the iPad air 1 develops a problem for the duration of 6 months visits our shop. This is just an assurance of the best services.

Also important to remember the warranty covers all parts including the screen. IPad air 1 screen repair also has a warranty.

5. Customized and professional help

In line with our main aim are customized services. This also includes charges. This means every time you deliver your device you get

special services. The first step is to check on the device. For iPad air 1 we ensure our iPad professional staff does a thorough check.

Apart from that using our latest technology we do another checkup. After our staff is certain of the problem we communicate with

you. We only charge on the specific problem. In case the screen touch sensitivity is damaged we will only charge on that. We always

encourage transparency in our work. It is always important to get genuine spare parts on every repair. It is also wise to entrust your

iPad with a well knowledgeable repair staff. This is among the reason we have in place the best policy for you. Feel free to contact

the mobile repair shop for all your needs. Also, enjoy the amazing warranty policy only available at our shop. How about you secure

your repair. This will only be possible with us. Remain connected to your iPad Air 1 with the best fixes in Adelaide. Contact your

most trusted iPad Air 1 repair store in Adelaide.

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