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Sumsang Galaxy J1 J100 Repairing Services

Choose Repair for Galaxy J1 J100

Pay! when device is Repaired

Screen & LCD Display

Repair Time: 1 Hour

Screen Replacement
(Working LCD & Touch)


Repair Time: 1 Hour

Power Button

Volume / Mute
Button Repair

Repair Time: 1 Hour

Loud Speaker

Repair Time: 1 Day


Repair Time: 1 Hour


Repair Time: 3 Hour

Inspection for
Insurance Claim

Repair Time: 2 Hour

Water Damage
Repair Assessment

Back Camera Replacement

Repair Time: 3 Hour

Port Repair

Repair Time: 4 Hour

Can’t Find Repair In The List ?

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No fix, No Charges

Premium Quality Part

Competitive Price

From a super-fast processor, high-resolution 4.3-inch touchscreen display, 512MD RAM, dual-SIM card slots to a powerful all-day battery, the Samsung J1 J100 repairing services have it all! It is feature-full and affordable making it the preferred choice among many mid-range Samsung fans. Ideally, this is the phone you would need if you are a budget-conscious consumer.

While it is impressively designed and packed with all basic features for every user, the Samsung J1 J100 broken screen is still susceptible to everyday common smartphone problems. In fact, it will be almost impossible to use this device if it suffers screen damage, malfunctioned buttons or water damage.

If your Samsung J1 J100 malfunctions, do not allow yourself to be disconnected from following the trends in social media, listening to your favorite music or chatting with your friends. Mobile Repair Shop is here for you. Contact us for a better service experience.

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