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Samsung Galaxy J5 J500 Repairing Services

Choose Repair for Galaxy J5 J500

Samsung Galaxy J5 SMJ500

Pay! when device is Repaired

Screen & LCD Display

Repair Time: 1 Hour

Screen Replacement
(Working LCD & Touch)


Repair Time: 1 Hour

Volume / Mute
Button Repair

Repair Time: 1 Day

Loud Speaker

Repair Time: 1 Day


Repair Time: 1 Hour


Repair Time: 3 Hour

Inspection for
Insurance Claim

Repair Time: 2 Hour

Water Damage
Repair Assessment

Back Camera Replacement

Repair Time: 3 Hour

Port Repair

Repair Time: 4 Hour

Can’t Find Repair In The List ?

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No fix, No Charges

Premium Quality Part

Competitive Price

If you are a budget-conscious consumer and in the market for a smartphone that offers real value for money, the Samsung J5 J500 is the right phone for you. Popular for its rich and vibrant media experience, the device features 5.0-inch super AMOLED display, 13MP main/5MP front cameras, 16 GB storage, and a powerful 2600mAh battery.

While Samsung J5 J500 allows you to upgrade your gameplay, video-watching, and photo-viewing, you will have to deal with everyday cell phone problems. Water damage, cracked screen, or malfunctioned software will definitely lower your phone’s performance.
When you run into any of these issues, there’s no need to feel frustrated or depressed. This is because we at Mobile Repair Shop can restore your Samsung J5 J500 to its new-like shape again! Visit us today and enjoy our convenient, fast, and affordable services. In fact, our repairs have a 90-day warranty.

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