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Samsung note 3 could be one of your most valuable devices. This is because of the cost and value on it. Apart from the cost, it has a great number of features in place that makes it outstanding. The first noticeable feature is the size of the screen display. It is 5.7inches. This screen is the AMOLED type of capacitive touchscreen.

The clarity itself is just amazing. Apart from the screen, you will also enjoy the best of the operating system. An outstanding ability is an upgradable OS. You can upgrade this smartphone to even Android 8.0. Apart from browsing experience, the camera is just amazing. The main is a single 13 MP camera. The front is a single 2MP camera. Having such a smartphone needs special care in terms of repairs. This is especially in terms of efficient service delivery. Among the most reliable repair shop is the mobile repair shop.

It has been ranked and rated the best in handling Samsung note 3 repairs. This has been contributed by the following policy that guides their work;

Samsung Note 3 Repair and Screen Replacement Prices

1.6 Months warranty- what comes in your mind when you hear the word warranty? A warranty is a way of securing future damages on a product. A number of stores normally provide a warranty for electronics. However, they will not honor the policy in cases of self-done damages. At this point is where the repair shops come in place. Smartphones damage is something that happens frequently. This is mainly because of their fragile nature. Smartphones could have a number of different repairs. This is especially depending on the duration as well as cause.

Among the most repair we handle is the screen. Screens are so fragile. Screens could also get damaged from a number of reasons. The most common is when a screen falls and gets damaged. Normally the reason we put in place a warranty is that of after service problems. Most of the times screens develop problems after fixing. In most repair shops you will have to pay more to get the repair. We, however, want to be accountable for any problems that arise after a repair at our shop. For this reason, every time you come to our shop for a repair on an arising issue, we will fix it for free. We, however, try to avoid this.

  1. Device pick up and Drop off service

Nowadays the world has become a busy place. People normally have a planned schedule. This is among the reasons why a number of stores have introduced delivery service. It’s also quite an amazing experience placing an order online and getting instant delivery. This service itself reduces the inconvenience of distance and time factor. Early on people faced challenges accessing shops located in the faraway distance. This still remains a problem in services like repairs. We have however thought of a better way to offer you convenience. In place, we have set up a pickup service. This means you can now book a pickup service via our customer representative. Simply make a call and provide your smartphone details. This includes smartphone model and cause of the problem. Our staff will then arrive to collect your smartphone at your chosen destination. Our repair staff will then fix your problem and run it through a scan. Afterward, your device will be delivered at your chosen destination. This is after you get a call informing you of the status of your repair. This service is only unique at our repair shop. We want to offer you convenience.

Samsung Note 3 Repair and Screen Replacement Prices

3.Fixed cost

Among the many worry’s smartphone owners have is the repair cost. Cost is usually very high. This factor causes a number of people to opt for buying a new smartphone. This is because it will cost much less to buy a new smartphone than to have it repaired. The cost is actually as a result to the market being flooded by fake parts. This makes original parts very expensive since they are scarce. This is especially common when dealing with screens. However, we have sort out the best way of offering affordable and quality service to our clients. To do this is customized services. These services involve only paying for specific repairs. This means you will not be charged on parts that are still in good condition. The staff will only charge the parts that are damaged. This factor itself ensures you enjoy repairs at an affordable cost. This is also quality spare parts.

4.Experienced staff

The most important person in a repair shop is a skilled and experienced staff. This is because the kind of services they offer are efficient and reliable. Having an efficient repair staff is of great importance. Actually, most of the smartphones get damages after a repair staff handles them wrongly. This is quite a common case. We have put into consideration this factor. To ensure this never happens on any device we have in place fully trained staff. They also have the relevant skills required in handling any repair kit. However, having training and skills may at times not be good enough. We sometimes have to handle old version smartphones.

Since we at all time want to ensure client satisfaction experience is of great importance. We normally hire experienced staff. This staff knows on each and every possible fault as well as the solution. This factor ensures we can handle both new version smartphones and place version. If you have an older version smartphone here is a reason to visit our repair shop.

  1. Walk-in service

The best service one can have is an immediate help. This, however, is not easily achievable even in small stores. Actually, in almost all the stores you always find a queue. This is especially in the store where you want to wait for service delivery. This most of the times cause one to miss out on important functions. We know how important time is for you. It proves difficult to offer instant help in stores. This is especially in a repair shop. However, at our store, we have developed a way to ensure this happens. This service is referred to as a walk-in service.

Just as the name suggests you will get instant help immediately you walk into our store. To have this service you are however required to book a repair appointment. Whenever your smartphone starts experiencing problems the first step is to book a repair appointment. This is an easy step. You should call our repair shop and talk to one of our friendly customer care staff. Our customer care staff will require you to provide us with details of your smartphones. This includes; smartphone model, version and the problem you are experiencing. You may also be required to explain the cause of the problem. After providing efficient answers to these questions our staff will provide you with a special number. This number is to be provided at the store upon arrival.

While you make your way to our store our repair staff ensures they have all the necessary parts. This is including the repair kit. By doing this immediately you arrive at our repair shop you get immediate help.

Types of smartphone repairs we handle;

1.water damage issues

Water issues are very common with a number of smartphones. This is because if the ease water normally has in moving through the smartphone parts. Most of the smartphones are nowadays tightly sealed. This has a major impact on every smartphone. It is actually designed this way to stop water from running into the smartphone parts. However, this most of the times remain impossible.

Water is a liquid that is almost everywhere we are. There are quite a number of water accidents that happen to smartphones. The most commonly reported is smartphones falling inside the toilets. This happens quite often since nowadays people are so glued to their smartphones. This of course is attributed to the great number of capabilities smartphones have nowadays. This factor makes people move around with smartphones. The other common accident is spilling water of the smartphone. This is also common. While people opt to buy water resistant smartphones it has not had a greater impact.

Samsung Note 3 Repair and Screen Replacement Prices

It is important to have a repair shop to help you dry your smartphone. Water resistant feature is limited to a certain water level. Also, we normally have customer friendly prices for water-related issues. In fact, it is one of our most affordable services. We have in place the latest drying technology. This kit helps in detecting parts with water and ensuring drying is done to perfection. This type of drying helps in ensuring no future water issues occur.

2.Samsung Note 3 Screen Repairs

This is among the most repairs we handle. The screen is very fragile and easily break. Apart from breaking they easily develop challenges. This may be in terms of a touch sensor as well as connections. The most cause of screen malfunction is normally breakage. Screens also get cracks quite often. Depending on the screen model the damage may be partially or completely. There are screens that get cracks but still remains functional. There are screens that fully get damaged.

What makes a screen repairs challenge is detecting the specific problem. We have however tried to sort out this by equipping our shop with a screen repair kit. This ensures by a simple scan we can detect all screen problems. The other challenge is normally on getting the right screen for replacement. This is especially getting an original screen. The display size, as well as the model, is very important. Among the most challenging screen types is the LCD. Note 3 LCD replacement is quite a challenge. However, we have secured a trustworthy supplier who ensures we get original screens. This means you can now get note 3 LCD replacement at ease. We also make sure we carry out a scan on all parts supplied to ensure quality. This ensures Samsung note 3 screen repairs are done to perfection. You must be wondering about the Samsung note 3 display prices. This should not be a problem anymore with customized services Samsung note 3 display prices are quite low.


3.Battery replacement

A battery can at times become quite a challenging issue. This is especially when you are looking for a specific model. Most of the times battery replacement happens due to charge retain related problems. This is the lack of ability to retain a charge for a long time. There are a number of smartphones which only operate using a specific type of battery. Apart from that new version of smartphones have this challenge. This is because the battery is none detachable. In such kind of smartphones, you cannot remove the battery without a repair staff help.

Also changing this battery becomes a challenge with most repair staff. This is mainly because of the connections involved. We have a smart way in place to handle this. Using our repair kit we are able to remove and fix in place a new battery efficiently.  Apart from that we always ensure the battery we use as a replacement is of the same model as the smartphone. This is especially when dealing with Samsung smartphones.

4.Camera replacement

In this current generation, the camera has become an important part of many people. Actually, a great number of people buy smartphones depending on camera quality. Camera repairs are very sensitive. When dealing with this repair the most important part is the lens. The lens is very fragile and requires special attention. One also needs to be cautious about the method used in handling the lens. They can easily crack under wrong handling. We at all times put this into consideration.

The other thing we check on is quality. The quality of the pictures generated is dependent on the camera lens. Getting the specific lens type to become a challenge for many repair shops. Normally most repair shops opt for use of cheap parts. However, this is not a wise move. Fake lens easily loses their quality in a short period of time. Most of the times this is attributed to the need to offer cheap repairs. However, we can offer you original repairs at affordable prices. Our camera repair kit is able to fix small camera problems. This ensures we only charge on small repairs. Get exclusive repairs at your most trusted mobile repair shop.

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