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The release of new Samsung models has been received well. This is especially the new Galaxy S8. This is quite understandable due to the number of features in place. This smartphone has among the best of features. The display is 5.8 inches. This is a screen to body ratio of 83.6%. This huge screen is among the reason why a lot of people love this smartphone. Actually, nowadays people prefer large-screen smartphones. This is mainly because of the ease of viewing of documents, video and all types of entertainment. The resolution itself is among the best. It is a 1440×2960 pixels screen. Another amazing smartphone feature is the Android 7.0 operating system. Since the release of this smartphone, we have had a lot of screen repairs. This factor is attributed to the fragile glass. The fact that it is full screen also affects quite a lot the camera. This is especially the selfie camera. It can easily get damaged by a hard blow.

The screen repair itself becomes a challenge for most repair shops. It also becomes hard to find a specific type of glass. This is especially if you intend to meet all these features. This is a big challenge especially among repair shops in Adelaide. However, there is this repair shop that is fully equipped with all the relevant parts. It is also equipped with the right kit for every repair. This is the mobile repair shop. Apart from having the best repair kits the policy that guides the services are quite exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Policy for Samsung Galaxy S8 Repairs;

1. Expert staff – Having a repair staff is not good enough. There is great importance in hiring people who are skilled and experienced. Experience is among our main aim in hiring staff. This is mainly because we want to avoid damages during repairs. Most repair shops employ recently trained staff. This is in order to save on cost. However, this staff may not be knowledgeable enough about all types of repairs. Actually, this is a common challenge with a number of stores. Most repair staff who are not experienced end up damaging parts as they try to fix. Experts help a lot especially in the handling of a new version of smartphones.

2. Warranty policy – This is among the most checked policy when purchasing new electronics. This policy is put in place as an assurance of quality work. The warranty is set to assure our clients of quality repair work. Actually, we are the only ones who offer a warranty for repair. The warranty is meant to provide a 6 months cover on all issues arising after repairs. This was put in place especially considering the screen. This large screen normally is very frustrating in terms of repairs. This is because of the special attention they require in order to function effectively. The first problem we encounter is especially in getting the specific Samsung screen model. This has been an issue for a while now. Mostly these types of screens also may experience a malfunction. We, however, try to ensure that this does not happen. However, in case it happens you can enjoy the free service provided by our warranty policy.

  1. Urgency – Among the thing people check out whenever they are receiving a service is time. Time is always of utmost importance to a number of clients. People normally want to get instant service done. This fact is the reason for the development of an online system. This system ensures you get services as fast as you want them we have also tried to put in place two services to save on time;
  • Walk-in service – Normally clients want to get necessary help immediately they walk in a store. This will and can only happen with a nice system in place. Most of the time shops normally have a long queue. This is especially for repair shops. We have figured this out. In place is a process where you communicate with our customer representative team. This is to explain the problem with your smartphone and give us details on the make and model. From the information, we collect we will then be able to prepare all the necessary parts that can be required. You will also get a special repair number. You should present this number upon arrival at the repair shop. From this point immediately, you arrive at the repair shop a staff will give your smartphone the first priority.
  • Pick up and drop off service – There are also times when one is too busy. A good example is if your smartphone develops a screen problem while still at work. Most likely you may not have time to go to the repair shop. There are also instances you are not close to the repair shop and still have tasks to carry out. In such cases, we may collect your smartphone upon request. By simply calling our repair shop a customer care will send one of our staff to your chosen collection point. We will then check your smartphone thoroughly and later drop it off at your chosen location.

Samsung Galaxy S8 screen

This means you can now get fast and efficient repair services without having to move.

  1. Customized service – Among the most challenge with repairs is normally the price. Due to high prices in repairs people mostly prefer buying me smartphones. However, this should not be the case. You can also get affordable repairs with us. Among the most expensive repairs is the screen. This is especially for Samsung smartphones. However, we can also provide those screens at an affordable price. What we do is offer customized help. By customized we will only charge on the specific repair. To help us achieve this we normally use the latest repair technology. This technology is good enough and captured all the significant problems the smartphone may have. By using this technology, we then can be able to fix the specific problems and charge much less. This service is applicable to all parts of the smartphones.
  2. Latest technology- Nowadays smartphones have changes in design as well as the way the systems are structured. This factor has made most repair staff go wrong on repairs. Since they are changes in almost every new version you need to be a step ahead. To do this we use the latest technology. This technology is able to detect any malfunction as well as provide proper information on expected repair. This factor itself ensures that we are always providing you with the best of repairs. The technology also helps in identifying specific repairs. This is especially in parts like the camera and the operating system. By doing this we will then be able to only charge you on specific repairs. This way we can offer you affordable services.

The use of this policy has actually helped us in carrying out a number of repairs we normally do. This policy always helps us in the achievement of our main aim which is 100% customer satisfaction. We at all times try to ensure this is the experience with all our clients. Also, enjoy the opportunity to ask any question you may have on repairs.

Types of repair services we handle;

  1. Button replacement

Among the most important parts of smartphones is the power button. It is responsible for switching on the smartphone. Although there has been technology improvement the power button has still remained in place. The power button normally has malfunction from water-related issues. This is normal if the smartphone has been soaked in water. Water causes the smartphone to malfunction by not having stability. However most of the time we normally check on the connections. The buttons cannot be easily damaged. Most times the connections are the one that is faulty. The other button we handle is the volume button. This plays an important role in regulating the sound. The buttons do not have many repairs. However, in case you experience any problems with your button even if it is stack contact us. We have all the right methods to carry out this task.

  1. Samsung galaxy s8 screen repair

Among one of the challenging repairs, we normally deal with is the screen. This is because of their fragile nature. Screen breaks and gets cracks from time to time. Actually, the most complicated repairs have to deal with screen matters. The other common type of screen problem is the touch sensor failure. This happens mostly with heavy users who hard press the screens. Water also damages the sensitivity. No matter the type of screen repairs our screen repair kit is good enough to capture all possible repairs. We also ensure we carry out a full scan on a smartphone. This is especially the screen in order to identify all the issue. This helps in ensuring Samsung galaxy s8 screen repair is done to perfection. Normally the screen may have cracks but still functional. At other times the screen may be completely damaged. We have the best Samsung galaxy s8 Glass replacement service.

3.Battery replacement

The normal challenges clients usually encounter with battery is getting the specific model. This is quite important for a number of smartphone model. This is especially for smartphones with none detachable battery. This type of smartphones has the battery sealed and is not removable. Trying to remove this battery may cause damage to the smartphone. What you may need is the help of repair staff who are skilled enough. Also, another important thing is having the right repair kit in place. We have the latest repair kit that handles battery alignment. We also ensure we run the new battery through a series of the scan. This is done to ensure the battery is in good condition. We at all times ensure we find the specific battery that is preferred for your specific smartphone.

  1. Camera replacement

This is among the most sensitive parts we normally handle. Camera functions due to the presence of the lens. Among the repairs we normally deal with is lens having blurry vision. This, however, happens over a long period of time. Most cases of camera problems are normally with lens breakage. This happens due to hard blows. Sometimes water may greatly impact the connections with the camera. This happens quite often. Camera replacement becomes challenging especially in getting the specific type of lens. Normally lens is described based on the megapixels. The pixels range vary depending on the type of lens used. This happens quite a lot. Handling camera repairs are something that always needs caution. Among them is placing the lens in the right position. We normally use our repair kit in ensuring the lens is placed in the right position.

5.Motherboard replacement

The motherboard plays a very important part in any smartphone.  One of the most important parts is the IC. The IC is usually responsible for a number of functions. Normally motherboard repairs are because of damage on the IC. We know how to handle this part and also uses the latest technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8

6.Speaker replacement

The speaker plays quite an important role in a smartphone. The first is the notification alert ability. The speaker facilities both messages tone and ringtones. Apart from notification they normally facilitate voice conversation. Normally we handle speaker matters by first doing a cleaning on the speaker. We normally do this because dirt is the most likely cause of speaker malfunction. After doing a cleanup we will carry out a number of tests with our own repair kit. After we are certain the speaker is damaged we can then opt for a replacement. However, even in speaker replacement we always ensure the speaker is of the same quality as when the smartphone was new.

All these policies and practices are set in place to ensure efficiency and reliability to our clients. We also have a very reliable customer support representative who is always a call away to provide you with any feedback you may need. In case you may also have a query on types of repair service. our staff is ready to provide you with a response. We do not want to compromise with standards at all. This is especially in Samsung galaxy s8 Glass replacement. We at all times ensure we have the latest technology in each and every repair we handle.

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