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The introduction of smartphones with an edge screen was received very well by clients. Everyone wanted the feeling that came about with this screen. In fact, it was one of the leading smartphones to have a curving screen. A close look at the screen portrays many features; The first is the curved edge screen with protection features. It is a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 type of screen. This smartphone is also known for its aluminum frame and front and back glass. It has a nice camera in place.

The main camera is a single 16 MP with a selfie of 5MP. Notable features are the dual video support. It also has a fingerprint sensor among many other types of sensor. The screen itself has the most outstanding design. This fact impacts a lot during repairs. Actually, the fact that the screen is curved makes this smartphone easy to get broken. Although it has a tough glass a simple blow could cause a crack on one of its side. This happens quite often. This type of screen is usually very challenging to get. Actually, most repair shops at all times want to avoid this screen type. This is because of the complications involved even in fitting the glass.

However, this should not be a problem. The mobile repair shop is known for its reliable repairs in Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. This is made possible by the policy and practices they have in place;

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge glass

Guiding principles for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge;

  1. Expert staff – we treat all smartphones with care and diligence. We want to ensure that your smartphone is fixed and working efficiently. For this reason, we have set a standard of always employing staff who have the right skills and knowledge. We at all times ensure that our staff has undergone the right training. Apart from that, we ensure our staff has the right experience. This has quite a great importance. Especially when dealing with unique smartphones experiences they came in handy. Our staff will easily be able to detect the problem and provide a solution immediately.
  2. Latest technology – Technology works hand in hand with our expert staff. Although the staff is experienced, the use of technology is very important. It actually plays a very important role in repairs. Technology is good as it helps in discovering parts that may be damaged. This is especially in the new model type of smartphones. Nowadays the body design of the smartphone has been made to be much slimmer. This factor itself has brought about to change in positioning of the parts. There is also a great change in parts like the motherboard. The motherboard has a new look. This means without enough knowledge on the parts repairs may go wrong. Another outstanding thing is the screen- related. This becomes quite a challenge for many repair staff. This is among the reason we have in place the repair technology.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

It also helps in aligning the screen as well as detection of parts that may be damaged. Having this technology helps us achieve our main aim of 100% satisfaction.

3. Customized services – it’s not an easy task getting a repair done. This is especially looking at the repair fees. This most of the times become a challenge for many people. Currently, in the world, people opt for throwing away things than taking them for repairs. It is even much cheaper buying an electronic from another brand. However, this could not be the case. This is especially if you can even get a cheaper repair. We provide the most affordable repairs. Our repair charges are at all time unbeatable. This is made possible by our unique customized services. By customized services, we mean providing repair service for a particular repair. We do not charge on parts as a whole. This is especially if the parts can undergo repair and function well enough. Normally what we do is fix the specific problem and charge on it. To do this we use the technology that scans the parts and is able to identify specific areas with damages. This feature itself helps us provides affordable services. This is including galaxy s6 edge glass replacement. In terms of specific repair, our repair kit also helps a lot in performing this. The repair kit is able to resolve small issues. This service includes all parts or repairs like a speaker, screen, charge port, and even the motherboard.

4.Fast service – one service that had become of convenience to many clients is our fast delivery service system. This does not mean we do not serve many clients. Being the leading repair shop, we normally have a great number of customers per day. However, we still manage to provide instant service and best repair in time record. To facilitate this effectively we have come up with two types of features;

  • Walk-in service – This service means getting repair help immediately you arrive at the shop. We know this sounds impossible but it is actually true. In fact, you can try it right now. What is needed for you to do is make a call to our customer care staff. This is via the number provided on our website. When you call our customer friendly staff you will be required to provide your smartphone model, specific problem and cause. Our staff will then be able to write down all these details. By writing down this detail they will then pass the information to a repair expert. You will then be provided with a unique number. You will need this number upon arrival at our repair shop. Upon submission of the number, our staff will already have all the required parts. This will take you a few minutes to get your repair done.
  • Pick up and drop off – The introduction of delivery service has gained popularity across all business sectors. Nowadays most businesses have this delivery service. This is because of the efficiency it brings to clients. The introduction of an online shopping platform has brought about to convenience. This is because of the ease which you can have. Our unique service is picking up. This service is unique and only happens at our shop.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

We have however gone an extra mile to provide an after service. This service means our staff will be able to pick up your smartphone for repairs from the chosen location. You will be required to call our customer representative and provide your location details. This is including explaining the problems your smartphone is expressing. When our staff picks up your smartphone we will repair it as fast as possible. They will actually be a repair staff waiting patiently to handle this repair. Afterward, the smartphone will be delivered to your chosen destination. This is after getting a notification when the repair is done.

  1. Warranty policy – This policy is exclusive to our repair shop, in fact, it stands out. This warranty ensured our clients feel secure of all their repairs. Everyone feels secure with a warranty policy in place. This is especially for the fact you are assured of free services in case of damages. However, you need to get the right specifications on this warranty. For our warranty, it covers all types of repairs done at our repair shop. This warranty is in case of problems that arises after a specific repair. This is an advantage in galaxy s6 edge glass replacement. There are times that smartphones develop problems after repairs this especially happens with the screen. Having this policy means we will be able to provide free repairs.

Services we offer for Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus.

  1. galaxy s6 edge screen replacement – This is among the most common type of repair we normally handle on a daily basis. Screens normally get damaged due to their fragile nature. This especially happens to screens with curved glass. Sometimes screen protectors help in preventing cracks however they cannot cover hard blows. Screens can also get damaged by water. Water most of the times affect the touch sensor. This, however, can be dealt with without replacing the screen. The screen itself is very sensitive. At times the connections may get damaged. In such cases, a scan can help us detect such issues. We at all times want to ensure that screens remain functional. Get the best of galaxy s6 edge screen replacement service.

2. Motherboard – Motherboard play a very important role in a smartphone. The motherboard is responsible for the functioning of every part of the smartphone. The smartphone cannot function without the motherboard in place. Normally the motherboard may face challenges on the IC. The IC is responsible for the different functions that smartphones undertake. This is including charging. We have the latest motherboard repair kit that helps us detect a malfunction in the IC.

3. Charging port – The battery plays a very important role in a smartphone. Actually, a smartphone cannot function without a battery in place. It provides the source of power for the smartphones. Charging port normally gets damaged from frequent charging. This is because the pin becomes weak over time. However, charging port fixes are not so much complicated. We can always handle this fix immediately. In relation to charging we also help in battery replacement. In case the battery exploded or has problems we normally do a replacement. This is by first scanning the battery and checking on the issues. During replacement, we go a step further and check the safety standards of the battery. It is important to know fake battery at times may explode during charging. Also, they will not function effectively. Among the things we always consider is even the battery model. A good example is Samsung mobile that only functions well with Samsung battery. After doing a battery replacement we will also run a test to even check on the charge maintenance system. We at all times want to ensure you only get the best of services.

4.Speaker repairs – The sound system plays a very important role in any smartphone. Actually, it is responsible for notification. Normally the speaker damages involve the sound quality deteriorating over time. Most of the times dirt and dust causes this effect. Sometimes even the connection may get loose due to hard blows. Normally what we do is offer a clean service to the speaker. We will first take a cloth and a special liquid and then wipe the speaker. This is done after we have confirmed the speaker connections are intact. Normally this takes a few minutes. The next thing we do is carry out a sound testing system. We do this using our latest technology. The technology is responsible for even checking on the quality of sound being projected. In most cases, the speaker may be fully damaged. What we do is check out a speaker that is of the same quality that the previous was. We also ensure that the speaker we use is of the same brand. This means we will only replace a Samsung speaker with another Samsung speaker. By doing this we ensure quality is maintained. Also, Samsung parts are unique and do not function well with other brands.

  1. Water damage issues – Water-related issues are common with many smartphones. Actually, the water can cause great damages to smartphones. Normally water affects the operating system. In most cases, the system develops a hang problem. Actually, whenever a smartphone gets soaked in water it immediately switches off. Among the problem that water develops with smartphones is battery problems. Actually, after a smartphone is soaked in water the battery may not function at all. Among the tricky repairs, we normally deal with is water. This is mainly because water may be in between parts. Actually, over time we have realized the use of the manual method of drying is not efficient enough. Actually, it even causes malfunction to develop over time. What we do is the use of the latest technology. The technology is able to trace any spots covered in water. Apart from that, it ensures connections are in perfect condition.

At the mobile repair shop, we want to ensure in all Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus repairs you get value for money. Our main aim is normally 100% satisfaction.

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