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Samsung has among the best smartphones. These smartphones have been in the market for a number of years now. They have maintained quality and lead in the market. This has a lot to do with the special features in place. In fact, the best way to ensure a smartphone brand leads the market is having special features in place. This is, in fact, the best way of marketing. Samsung Galaxy S5 is among the best smartphones in the world. This is mainly because of the specifications it has in place. The display itself is quite unique. It is 5.1 inches. This is a screen to body ratio of 69.6%. The screen glass is a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The smartphone also has among the best operating system. It is Android 4.4.2 which is upgradable to 6.0. Among other outstanding features is the camera. A single 16 MP main camera and a single 2MP front. This smartphone meets all the qualities in terms of convenience.

Samsung Galaxy S5 glass

All these functions are quite amazing but the problems arise during repairs. Most smartphone manufacturers do not think of future repairs. This is in terms of availability of spare parts. This factor makes spare parts access expensive. Especially for Samsung Repair, they are quite expensive. Galaxy s5 glass replacement is high. The pricing is also quite high for older version model. Actually, even the new smartphone brands cause this challenge to many owners.

This is among the reason people opt for known brands. Most spare parts are not only pricey but are very hard to find. Among the hardest is galaxy s5 glass replacement. Most repair shops will actually opt for fake parts that also offer affordable pricing to customers. However, the fake parts will not function effectively for long. It is of great importance if you have original parts for durability purposes. This, however, will only be possible at a reliable repair shop. In terms of reliability and efficiency in smartphone repairs, the mobile repair shop proves to be the best. This is made possible by the following practices;

1. Expert staff – in order to have work done efficiently it needs to be carried out by a knowledgeable person. This is especially for repairs. Handling smartphone repairs need special skills and training. This is because repairs are very complicated. Especially for old version smartphones skills are important. Not only should the staff be skilled they should be well experienced. We have put this into considerations and at all times ensure your repairs are being handled by experienced staff. There are parts that need special attention like the screen and motherboard. To ensure this part remain in good condition is our staff.

2. Latest technology – Although we have professional and experienced staff technology plays an important role. Professionals and quite good in the identification of smartphone issues easily. They also provide the best solution to each repair problem. This is especially because of their years’ experience. One thing we have identified as a challenge is recognizing specific problems. This is not easy for them. We understand and have put in place the latest technology. This technology plays a very important role in repairs. It enables detailed scanning of parts and identification of even the smallest problems. By doing this our repair staff is able to offer the best repair services. This technology plays an important role in enabling of cheap repairs.

  1. Fast support- No one loves to wait on long queues. This, in fact, discourages a lot of people in waiting for service delivery. Other people even opt for other places to get the same service. Time is of great importance to people. Nowadays smartphones have gained use all over the world. This is because of the convenience they offer. Actually, you can now do a number of tasks using your smartphone. This factor itself makes smartphones to offer many conveniences. A number of people even store their projects using smartphones memory. This only means in case of any damage a lot is to be a danger of being lost. This will happen especially if you do not have immediate help. There also times you need urgent repair in order to access a very important file. We thought of all these possibilities and have put in place the following features;
  • The Drop-off and pick up service- we fully know how challenging sometimes it is to access repair shops. We also understand how busy you may be. To ensure you enjoy convenience we can pick up your smartphone for repair. This means you won’t have to leave work for repair. Simply make a call to our customer representative and we will pick up your device. We will also ensure your smartphone gets the best repair service in good time. After we are done with the repair we will drop off your smartphone at your destination of choice. This is among the ways to ensure our clients always enjoy 100% satisfaction.
  • Walk-in service – At times you may be near our repair shop. However, one of the most challenging factors is waiting in line. This happens a lot in most stores. There are always long queues. In fact, you have to wait to get a spare part or service done. This is often time to consume. We have however thought of a much better way. We call it the walk-in service. This means you can call our customer representative and explain your repair problems. By doing this our repair staff will have all the possible parts at hand. Our customer representative will provide you with a special number. This number is to be presented at the shop. Immediately you present this number our staff will immediately start on the repair. The advantage of this is not having to wait in line.

Samsung Galaxy S5 glass

4. Warranty policy- Among the things people always check for during electronics purchase is a warranty. A warranty is very important in case of any future malfunction. However, the warranty is for a specific period of time. There are also other types of warranty that only cover specific damages. This may be very disadvantageous in case any issue not covered arises. This will automatically need you to pay for. Smartphones repairs are very common. In most cases, smartphones repairs problems arise after the first repair. This happens quite a lot, especially with none reliable repair staff. What they do is damage other parts will trying to fix the initial problem. This itself is unprofessional. If this happens you will be required to pay a second time for a repair. This is both unfair and disadvantageous.

However, you can have a much better option. By hiring us we assure you of 100% in efficiency. We fully understand how tragic these kinds of cases normally are. Most of the times people opt to buy new smartphones. We want you to have efficient repairs. In place is a warranty policy to assure you of this. This warranty policy is meant to cover any malfunction that occurs every time the device is fixed. This is for a duration of 6 months from the time of repair. This fact itself means we want to ensure you get 100% satisfaction. Every time your smartphone experiences a malfunction from the previous repair we fix this for free. Enjoy the warranty policy by visit g our repair shop.

5.Customized service – The cost of repair is something that affects many smartphone owners. Most of the times people prefer to buy new smartphones. This happens due to high repair fees one has to incur. If one compares repair against buying new smartphones the price is almost equal. This factor makes one prefer buying a new smartphone. The availability of cheaper smartphones has also brought challenges in terms of price comparison. However, repairs should not be that expensive. Actually, repairs should be much cheaper. The high prices are understandable due to the lack of available original parts. We, however, want to ensure you get affordable prices. This is a possibility by having in place customized services. This means we go a step further to identify specific repair issues. This is, in turn, help us charge affordably. To help us identify specific repairs is the latest technology.

Types of Samsung galaxy s5 mobile repairs we handle;

  1. samsung s5 screen repair – Among the most common repairs we deal with is screen related issues. Screens are very fragile and easily gets damaged. Actually, most of the times we have to deal with screens. The most reported cases are normally screen cracks and breakages. These two screen problems are treated differently. At times the screen may be cracked but fully functional. There are times the screen may be fully damaged. In this type of cases, we do the whole screen replacement. There are also times that the touch sensor is damaged. This mostly happens when faced with hard blows. Sometimes water causes the touch sensor to weaken. Also, among the causes is hard pressing the screen.
  2. Screen designs have changed over time. This factor itself makes screen replacing a challenge. This is especially for galaxy s5 LCD replacement. We have gone a step further and acquired the latest screen technology. This helps us even in aligning the screen effectively. Having this in place galaxy s5 LCD replacement is no longer a challenge. To ensure your screen functions even after repair we will carry out a full scan to identify any possible screen problem. This ensures you get the best Samsung s5 screen repair service.

3 Battery replacement – The battery is an important part of the smartphone. This is a common problem we encounter. Battery problems occur when it fails to retain the charge. This usually happens in case the smartphone was soaked in water. The other probable cause is frequent charging. This is something that people normally love to do. Most of the times people love to constantly charge the battery. This, in turn, causes the battery to lose the ability to store charge for long. Another practice is charging the smartphone while still in use. This could even turn tragic. For battery replacement there are a few things to check on;

  • The battery type- A lot of new version smartphones only function with their original battery. Although some repair shops try to adjust by applying other types the functionality is poor. The best way to handle this is having in place all the battery types. We have quite a variety of battery types and upon consultation, we can provide any battery.
  • None detachable battery – This is a very important factor during charging and even battery replacement. During charging using a smartphone with such kind of a battery may result into an explosion. We actually warn again this. In terms of battery replacement, this should be done using special tools. This is in order to avoid damaging other parts. We have put this into consideration and have the best repair kit that handles this task.
  1. Camera replacement – Among the factors that make Samsung a popular and loved brand is the camera. Samsung normally has in place the best lens. These lenses used in the camera are specially designed. It is actually very challenging have this type of lens repair. This factor is attributed to the difficulty involved in getting the lens. However, with a good supplier, this is not a hard task at all. Apart from just getting the lens, we ensure our camera repair kit is fully functional. It normally helps in identification of small damages. It also helps us in adjusting and fitting the lens in the appropriate position. We at all time want to do a perfect job. The warranty also covers the camera. This means in case of any problem arising as will fix it for free.
  2. Motherboard maintenance- The motherboard plays the most important function in an electronic. It facilitates the functioning of every part. Normally we have the IC repairs. This is because they are fragile and gets easily damaged. You can contact us anytime for this. Most importantly we test every IC to prevent any future problem.

Samsung Galaxy S5 glass

Among the most outstanding policy we have is our aim to ensure 100% efficiency. To this, we ensure that every repair is undertaken with the right tools. We also have the latest repair technology to keep us updated on repairs. Do not compromise with standards visit the mobile repair shop.

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