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Samsung is a nice smartphone brand. Actually, the invention of smartphones was a way to enhance convenience. Computers came to enhance a number of things. However, over time people wanted a way of getting instant access to features. Smartphones are portable and also in good size. This reason itself is why smartphones have become common. Smartphones actually function the same way as laptops and computers. This is especially for Samsung smartphones. Among them is the Samsung a5. This smartphone meets all the qualities in terms of convenience. A close look at its features proves this. The first amazing feature is the 5.2 inches screen display. This screen is good enough and ensures you enjoy quality pictures. The operating system is Android 6.0.1 and also in place is Exynos 7880 Octa chipset. The camera is also very unique. This is including 16 MP on the main and selfie camera. Having all these features in place means you enjoy the best smartphone experience. You will also enjoy features like gaming and document editing. This only means you enjoy the best features.

samsung a5 repair

However, something most smartphone owners do not pay attention in is a repair shop. This is something you n3d to be aware of. This is especially in case of future repairs. If you own a unique smartphone you need to be sure of where to get the spare parts. This is especially because it is quite easy for a smartphone to get damaged. Normally the most repairs handled are screen related. This is quite a challenge, especially when handling Samsung repairs. To ensure you do not undergo these frustrations in places is a reliable Samsung repair shop just for your need. The mobile repair shop is rated among the best if not the best. This is attributed by Samsung a5 policy and features in place.

  1. Warranty – If you ever had a repair you definitely have experienced the hassle of going back for another repair. This is quite a common case with a number of smartphones. This especially happens during screen and system repairs. In case your smartphone develops an issue after repair you will normally be required to pay for a second repair. This will actually even cost more. We have thought of this the reason we have developed a warranty policy. Electronics at all times may develop challenges. This even includes new electronics. However, it is always important to check on the specifications of the warranty policy. Our policy is set on each and every repair done at our shop. This should, however, be within a period of 6 months. This offers a chance for a free repair on only arising issues. This is an advantage for Samsung a5 glass replacement.
  2. Latest technology – changes have continued to occur even in the process of smartphones manufacturing. This is also in terms of motherboard aligning. At times one may not have enough knowledge of the new kind of technology. This quite affects most repair staffs. Most of the repair staff tries to fix the latest smartphone versions and later end up damaging some parts. The extent of the damage at times goes beyond. In case of this you will have to change all the parts. We do not want this to be the case with any of our clients. Actually, technology in repairs is set to improve and increase the rate of efficiency. Having the latest repair technology also means minimum chances of wrong repairs. Staff also enjoys working with a kit that assures 100% perfection. The technology we use ensures we have all the parts in place. It is also able to give detailed information on all damaged parts.

samsung a5 repair

  1. Customized services – In the current generation it is easier to throw away electronics than fix them. This is because of the high charges one experiences in terms of repairs. This is because of the scarcity in getting original parts. Those repairs shops that get the parts normally charge high repair fees. The practice of throwing away smartphone has also been brought about by the availability of cheap smartphones. Actually, nowadays you can get a cheaper smartphone from a variety of brands. Although the quality might differ most functions and features are exactly the same. However, this should not at all be the case. You can also get affordable repairs that are way lower than even buying those cheap smartphones. This also includes the fact the spare parts are original. You must be wondering how we do this. We have in place customized services. By customized services, we mean providing help by doing specific repairs. To do this we use the help of the latest technology. This technology does a thorough scan on all parts. We will then be able to handle only the damaged parts. We usually do this procedure for all repairs. This is the camera, screens, buttons and even the motherboard.
  2. Walk-in service – Time is a very important factor in the current generation. Currently, most people are busy moving around to each an extra coin. People nowadays want to avoid long queues at all cost. Actually, even technology has embraced this. You can now easily order a smartphone and get it delivered to your office or home. It is also not a must for you to visit a bank. These are among the services that have been set in place to save on time. We have thought of this and have set in place the walk-in service. This service is meant to ensure immediately you arrive at the repair shop you get immediate help. To do this you are however required to contact our customer care before arriving at the shop. You will be required to provide your smartphone model and the problem you are experiencing. For this, we will then have all the possible parts in place when you arrive.
  3. Pick up and drop off service – There is also a delivery service that most stores and companies have set in place. This is actually in order to ensure clients enjoy service delivery from their own location. We have put into consideration even the time factor that is a challenge for many. This service facilitated a pickup of your smartphone upon request. Our staff will then do your repairs and later drop off your smartphone at your chosen location. This means even if you are in the office we can facilitate repairs for you without having to move. This service has brought much convenience to busy people.

samsung a5 repair

Types of repairs we handle.

  1. Water damage related – water issues are among the common problems we normally encounter. This is especially because of the toilets. People nowadays move around with their smartphones. This is actually the reason smartphone easily fall into the water. This is either by spilling water over or dropping in toilets. Sometimes even in swimming pools. People have thought of a much smart way and this is by buying a water-resistant smartphone. Actually, this is also a major selling point for smartphone dealers. However, this is not quite the best water prevention method. Water resistant feature has limitations. All products with water resistance features are limited to a certain range. This only means an excess of water could go through the parts. At times the water resistance ability may not offer cover to all parts. Actually, the design of the smartphone plays a major role in the water resistance feature ability. There are quite a number of smartphones whose body designs have small spaces in between. These small spaces may allow water to go through. Water can easily cause damage to a smartphone to a great extent. We have figured out all these situations. In place, we have a repair kit that detects even the smallest drop of water. What makes this service unique is the ability of the repair kit to offer complete drying of all parts without having to open the parts.
  2. Samsung a5 glass replacement

Screen damage is a common problem. Samsung a5 display involves dealing with a crack or a completely broken screen. Normally screen may have cracks but still function. For broken screens, they are usually not functional at all. The other screen problem is on the touch sensor functionality. The touch sensor may lose its function by either water or screen cracks damage. At times even hard pressing of the screen might lead to this effect. This is especially during gaming activities. The screen can be pricey at times. This is especially for Samsung smartphones. Samsung glass is usually very unique. Samsung a5 display proves a challenge. This is among the reason the screen is very pricey. To ensure you also enjoy affordable Samsung a5 screen replacement cost in screen replacement services we also apply customized service.

samsung a5 repair

  1. Battery replacement – The most important part after the screen is the battery. This is the only source of power for any smartphone. In order to view content on the smartphone, the battery must have charge. This is a must. The battery does not have challenges most of the times. The cases of battery we deal with are because of certain practices. A good example is constantly changing your smartphone. This most of the times result into the button losing its ability to retain power for long. Sometimes this may end up being tragic. A good example is when using a smartphone while still charging. This normally causes the battery to overheat. When a battery overheats it has a high chance of exploding. This especially is for none detachable battery. Actually, it is very dangerous when using none detachable battery. We can, however, help in any model of battery. This is also including none detachable type of battery. We use special tools in removing the battery. Apart from that, we scan the battery we provide to ensure it meets the safety standards. We will also run a charge test. This is to ensure you are able to enjoy the best battery quality. Among the things we check on is also the charge port.

At all times safety for our clients is a priority. Apart from just doing a battery replacement, we ensure a thorough check is done on all parts of the charging port. This is including the connections.

  1. Camera replacement – Samsung is known for the best quality in pictures. This is because the camera lens is also quite outstanding. Actually, a number of clients buy Samsung smartphones for the reason of goof camera quality. The most repairs we deal with are blurry vision over time. This is a common effect with a number of smartphones. In such cases what we normally do is offer a cleaning service for the lens. This is done using a special liquid and cloth. By doing this we able to remove all the dirt that may be interfering with the lens clarity. We will then run the lens through an in-depth scan.

This scan is done in order to help us detect the specific problem in place. In case we need to change the lens we normally do this using our special camera repair kit. Camera lens should always be handled by a nice repair kit. This is to ensure we don’t touch on any of the sensitive parts of the lens.

  1. Charging related problems – charging problems are normally are a result of damage to the port. The port can get damaged by bad charging habits or even lose connections. The charging port needs to be carefully handled at all times. This is especially to ensure you don’t have an electric shock on the smartphone.

samsung a5 repair

Repairs should be cheap at all times. They should also be done with original parts. This is actually the means of giving clients value for their money. Most times this becomes a challenge for most repair shops due to the availability of spare parts. There is actually no need to pay more to wrong repairs. You also do not need to spend more on buying a new smartphone. We ensure Samsung a5 screen replacement cost and another cost is cheap. Talk to the experts and get the required help at the mobile repair shop. We do not only offer quality service but also offer a warranty cover policy just for you.

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