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iPhone Repair Shop in Melbourne

Gone are the days when just connecting with a loved one on phone was enough and now just simple messaging or click on a picture is not enough. With high functioning phones that are currently launched in the last few years from various companies are very much high gizmo stuff that minimizes and bring forth the entire world in the constraints of their palm. One such trusted name that is coveted by one and all is iPhone repair Melbourne.

If the bill amount of the expensive iPhone repair is what is holding you back, fear not as our private iPhone repairers are happy to help you at the fraction of a cost. The private repairers providing you iPhone Repair in Melbourne are more than capable of getting your phone back in the form just the way you like it. They do not specifically repair only certain types of phone but each and every one of them. Here are the details of a few iPhones that can be repaired at Apple iPhone Mobile Repair Shop.

  1. In September 2017, Apple iPhone 8 Plus was launched much to the content of all the appeasers who could barely contain their excitement. Coming from a long family of cellular known to win the heart of their users with their innovative features that were the most talked-about ones of their generation. Below listed are a few of the features that make it of the best iPhone of the franchises –
RAM Used3 GB
Screen Resolution1080 x 1920
CPU usedA11 Bionic
The Weight of the device202 g
Screen size5.5”
Storage Space64 and 256 GB
Front camera7 MP
Back camera12 MP
PriceBit more expensive than the other smartphones available
Battery capacity2695 mAh


  1. Honour and pride are what you feel when you own an Apple iPhone X. Of all the things that you want in your smartphone to be Apple iPhone X is a manifestation of all it all. It is the newest edition of the apple series that is the next step taken by the franchise towards perfection. Here is a bunch of features that make the smartphone one of the best iPhone of the franchises –
RAM used3 GB
Screen size5.8”
Weight174 g
Front camera presentYes
Back camera presentYes
CPUA11 Bionic
The Battery used2716 mAh
Storage space64 and 256 GB


  1. One of the most popular phones of Apple is iPhone 8. It is possibly the one phone of the series that had made many a person go gaga over its release. Blessed with the sleek good looks and the equally great features it is very much like the iPhone series before them. Below listed are a few of the features that make it of the best iPhone of the franchises.
Model of the iPhoneiPhone 8
Screen Size4.7” or 11.94 cm
Storage of the phone64 GB
Type of screenTouchscreen
PerformanceHexa core
Camera rear12 MP
RAM used2 GB
The Battery used1822 mAh
Storage space64 GB
Screen Resolution750 x 1334
  1. The iPhone 6 is one of the fan favourites that are liked by one and all for the most logical of the reason for being the first one of its kind. It did not disappoint its admirers in any and is known for its sturdy nature. Here is a bunch of features that make the smartphone one of the best iPhone of the franchises –
Model of the iPhoneiPhone 6 64 GB
Screen Size4.7’ or 11.94 cm
Storage of the phone64 GB
Type of screenTouchscreen
Camera rear8 MP
RAM used1 GB
The Battery used1810 mAh
Storage space64 GB
Screen Resolution750 x 1334


Professional iPhone Repair in Melbourne

An Apple iPhone can be considered to be aristocracy among smartphones that are currently in the wish list of one and all. But what stops most people on the track to buy them is the repair value which is not easy for one to tackle. Apple uses the best materials for creating their smartphones and repairing or replacing them would not be easy. But before you panic with helplessness remember that help is right around the corner.

Owning even one of the above-mentioned phones is a dream for most but having to repair them after the warranty period may seem too much for most. If you ever find yourself in such a situation fear not as you can get affordable iPhone Repair in Melbourne at any time as you need it!  We are just around the corner for where you are and would be more than happy to work with you to save your iPhone. With our help, you can save yourself a couple of bucks that would help you save a lot of money that you would otherwise waste buying a new phone.

Here are a few iPhone Repair in Melbourne that our experts would offer you.

Experts iPhone Water Damages Repair in Melbourne

Accidents are not avoidable in many cases and there are scenarios when no matter what you do it is unavoidable to save your iPhone from water damages. Rather than trying to solve it at have it is best to have the expert technician at Melbourne check out all the problems and provide you with low-cost repairs. Water damage makes it the difficult piece of the object to operate on and needs professional guidance to repair it just like the iPhone that you needed to do.

iPhone Camera Damages Repair in Melbourne

As far as the cameras are concerned, the iPhone packs a great rear camera and an equally smart front megapixel shooter for selfies. Most of the iPhone users complain about the iPhone camera shutter that remains closed or frozen even when the camera app is open. To most users often report problems of switching from their front camera to the rear end one. All these problems are solved with ease by the trusted repair store that performs iPhone screen replacement as well as repair. Our experts are the best in providing backlight repair, as well.

Experts offering iPhone Battery Damages Repair in Melbourne

The iPhone battery costs a lot. There are many-a-times when you are in urgent need of a battery replacement feel scared to go to the Apple iPhone store to get the original product as it costs a lot. Rather than getting the easy option out and buying a new phone, you can simply get one from us, at the fraction of the cost. It is highly possible for us to do so because we stock the batteries at a time when the price is somewhat low and offer you a discount while the iPhone repair centre does not. They offer you a discount by letting go a per cent of their own profit with such ease and élan that is quite unheard of from the Apple iPhone stores. It is because the taxes that the government makes off the Apple iPhone stores are quite big. Thus even if the stores want to they do not have the luxury to provide their customers with any discount for a battery replacement that they know would make life easier for their customers. But our Apple iPhone Mobile Repair Shop does not have any problem in providing you with all the valid discounts as we really do not have any such big superior to report to.

Experts offering iPhone Sound Repair in Melbourne

One of the few things that they are more than capable of taking care of is the damages incurred by you due to your excessive dropping of the phone is the sound buttons. If you are having such a problem then do not stress as our experts are more than capable of taking care of all your volume-related woes. The assistance provided by our experts include.

  • The trouble with the volume adjusting ability of the soundbar
  • The problem of volume manipulation with Touch screen
  • Direct Trouble with volume and sound buttons

They can ensure the smooth operation of your volume bar with ease. The repair work done by them is easy on the pocket and can take care of all your troubles without much. Our experts are around or long time and are more than capable of solving all that and more issues on your smartphone without delay.

iPhone Charging Port Repair in Melbourne 

Another common problem that makes many rushes to the nearest store for buying a new phone is charging troubles or charging port issues. There is nothing that cannot be solved by our experts and fixing charging issues is one such thing. All it needs is a little fix with the wiring and you are good to go. If you love your phone and wish to uses it for a longer time then, we are your best option to get it done at a lower price.

iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne

The biggest problem is faced by most owning an iPhone is getting a screen repair. Accidents are bound to happen but if you are someone whose iPhone slips from their hand more often than they would want to admit them getting it to the experts for iPhone repair in Melbourne is quite ideal in away. Just bring your iPhone to the expert technicians and watch they weave their magic over it like they do with iPhone screen repair among others and give you, your iPhone back just the way it was when you first bought it. Screen problems should never be treated lightly on iPhone ever. Just by ignoring it you may hasten the process of the malfunction of your mobile in more ways than one. If you are facing any one of these above problems, then you could contact the shops who do iPhone cracked screen repairs. Leaving iPhone display in the hands of our technical repairers is the best idea for you to work on if you wish to repair the phone properly.

If your screen remains unlit after you turn on your iPhone and not functioning get it to the local repair store fast. It is the sure-shot sign of an LCD being broken and is in need of immediate glass replacement of iPhone repair in Melbourne and should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, your device would get damaged, further. From changing the broken LCD that needs a new display or some of the other much-needed damages that occur due to temperature, water, and even pressure damage. You name it and the technicians are ready to provide iPhone LCD repair, display repair solutions with ease. All the technicians can get the work done within a certain time period at the fraction of the cost that they had to spend at the authorized Apple iPhone outlets.


It is quite natural to worry when you are giving but you have to remember that you have all the power in this relationship. Any review from you the client can snowball into something great and make or break our business. Most of our technicians of the Apple iPhone Mobile Repair Shop in Melbourne put in all their stakes in the business and repeat business that the good words of a customer would bring them. In case, you have to iPhone repair something or change the screen or battery they do not provide any respite on the taxes of their own products this also increases the final bill amount. Just by availing our services not only would you ensure guaranteed great services but also lower costs that would ensure better your peace of mind. Just because you are availing the services from an Apple iPhone repair centre does not guarantee the best services. Only an expert can provide you with that and our experts are more than qualified to give you that and more.

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